Savings Accounts

State Bank of Park Rapids offers the following savings account add-ons for your convenience:

  • Instant Cash ATM Cards
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Freedom Funds (personal line of credit)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Internet banking and electronic bill pay
  • Combined savings and checking account statements
  • ATM in our drive-up
  • Extended Hours of our Drive-Up
  • Safe Deposit Boxes


$100 minimum balance, nine free withdrawals per calendar quarter, 50ยข per withdrawal thereafter. $5 fee per quarter if balance falls below the minimum balance. $20 fee if account closes within 6 months of opening. Individuals under 18 years of age; no minimum balance or withdrawal fees. This account offers a variable rate of interest.


This account pays a competitive variable rate of interest that is tiered based on account balance. $1,000 minimum balance. Interest rate falls to regular savings rate when the balance falls below $1,000. $10 fee per month if balance falls below $1000. Interest rates.


$10 minimum deposit to open this account, and you can make additional deposits at any time. A check for the balance in your account will be sent to you in early November.


This is a savings product designed to mature the year your child graduates from high school and is intended to be used to pay higher education expenses. No minimum balance is required to open this account, and you can make deposits at any time. It pays a variable interest rate (current interest rates ) of 1.5% over the Wall Street Journal 13-week Treasury Bill rate, adjusted each calendar quarter, with a floor of 4.00%. Tell me more. ** we are not currently opening any new Higher Learning Fund accounts, however, existing accounts are being honored even in this very low