Holiday Savings

Just $10 will start a Holiday savings account that will grow throughout the year. This is a variable rate saving account you deposit into through the year until November 1 when the Bank cuts you a check for the balance. The easiest way to ensure plentiful savings is to have funds automatically transferred from your State Bank of Park Rapids account into your Holiday Savings Account. You may decide at any time to change the amount or frequency of your deposits. Manual or additional deposits can be made at any time. You will receive quarterly statements to watch your balance grow!

In November, you will receive a check for the balance of your account. Included with your check will be a notice to renew your Holiday Account to start saving for a great shopping season next year! Get into the Christmas spirit and into a Holiday Savings Account today.

A $10.00 early withdrawal penalty will be assessed if a portion or all of the funds are withdrawn by the customer prior to the November 1 “maturity date”.