Checking Accounts Fees

Personal Checking

Statements without Check Images (no minimum balance) No Service Charge
Statements with Check Images – Balance $500 and over No Service Charge
Statements with Check Images – Balance under $500 $7 monthly
Senior Citizens Checking (62 years and better) No Service Charge
Clubs, Churches, Non-Profit Organizations No Service Charge

NOW Account

Balance $1,000 and over No Service Charge
Balance less than $1,000 & Statement with Check Images $7 monthly
Balance under $1,000 & Statements without Check Images $5 monthly

Business Checking*

No minimum balance No Service Charge

Business Now Checking*

Qualified businesses earn interest (on balance > $1,000) No Service Charge

Additional Checking Information

Overdrafts $30 per check paid
10 consecutive day overdraft $20
Insufficient Funds $30 per check returned
Overdraft protection, transfer of funds $5 per occurrence
Stop payment request $25
Copy of check from film $5
Special statement $1 page, $5 maximum
Statement reconciliation $20
Check collection $10
Closing checking account within 6 months of opening $20

New Personal Checking Account customers receive their first box of checks free of charge. Future check orders are purchased by the customer. A $20 fee may be imposed if your account is closed within six months of account opening.

*Business Checking Accounts receive depository bag, night depository key, and use of night depository at no charge.