State Bank of Park Rapids offers three calculators to help you determine your financial goals.

Amortization Calculator

Use this Calculator to view how much of each loan payment is applied towards principal and how much is applied to interest as the loan is paid off.

Deposit Calculator

Use this Calculator to view different investment strategies! Decide on your goal, how much you have for an initial investment, how much you can save each month, the interest rate you’ll get with your investment and we’ll let you know how many years it will take to get to your goal and how much money you’ll make on your total investment.

Mortgage Calculator

Have a mortgage? Looking for a mortgage? This calculator will help you determine how much mortgage money you can borrow, what your payments will be, how long it will take you to pay off existing mortgages, and more.
Calculators are approximate only, please check with your friendly State Bank Loan Officer for exact information.