About Us

State Bank of Park Rapids was founded in 1902 by W.R.B. Smyth and is currently in its 5th generation of Smythe family ownership and management! For 109 years State Bank of Park Rapids has been a pillar of the Park Rapids community.

State Bank is your hometown bank. As mega-banks continue to buy out customer-friendly community banks, State Bank of Park Rapids remains steadfast in its mission to continue to serve its customers as friends and family. With a current asset size of roughly $100 million, we’re small enough to know our customers by name, yet large enough to offer the services you want; from Safe-Deposit Boxes to Merchant Remote Deposit, and everything in between.

If you are not already a State Bank customer, we invite you to become one. To those of you that are currently customers… Thank You! We appreciate your patronage and enjoy being your hometown bank! We’re proud to be an integral part of the Park Rapids community.